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April 20, Volume  Number
Published by ideatron LLC, Scottsdale, Arizona
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1. Make money in your parking lot
2. Five Great Back to School Ideas
3. How to set up a Mall Walking Program
4. Website Tune-up for your mall website
5. Career Opportunities

<<You Can Turn Your Mall Parking Lot into a Profit Generator>>
You know you've found it when you bump into it. You see it hopefully) when
you pull into a parking spot. A California company says its turning parking
lot bumpers into revenue generators with a unique advertising system. They
are so sure it will work that they are offering to install the advertising
bumpers in your parking lot at no cost to your Mall and share the
advertising revenue that their salespeople generate. The ads are printed on
both side of polyurethane parking bumpers that replace your old concrete
wheel stops. If it works, your Center can generate new revenues, if it
doesn't you get a free parking lot improvement and the opportunity to generate
goodwill in the community through a program that places free public service
messages on unsold spots. For info contact Neal Schore, COO 818-708-2900
ext. 225 or


<<Think Ahead:Five Great Back to School Promotional Ideas>>
1. Back to School Fashion Show
Run a series of Back to School Fashion shows in your central court. Have
each store in your Center "dress" two volunteers in their latest fashions.
They key, of course, is that each child that participates brings along an
average of six family and friends to your mall to  watch the fashion show.

2. Back to Campus Promotion?
Is your Mall located in or near a college town? Arrange to set-up a table at
local colleges to introduce new students to your Mall. Give away store
coupons and raffle off prizes. The shopping habits you start early will pay
off for the four years students spend in school. Most colleges will be happy
to provide the table at orientation or during the first week of school if
you offer special discounts to students and/or prizes.

3.  Labor Day" Contest!
Hold a contest for mothers-to-be who have due dates around Labor Day. Have
the mothers register at any of your participating stores. The winner is the
mother who gives birth closest to 12:01 a.m. on Labor Day! The lucky mother
wins baby clothing, diapers or baby furniture from one of your merchants.
Don't forget to keep the radio stations and newspapers informed - its a
great public relations opportunity. Why not get a local radio station to
co-sponsor the promotion?

4. Back to School - Back to the Mall!
Prepare a back to school shopping list or directory that lists where
students can find various back to school supplies at your Center. Distribute
it throught the mall and drop some off at local schools.

5. Welcome Back Students!
Put together a welcome pack for returning students. Give your tenants a
chance to include their coupons, flyers and goodies in the bag. Encourage
students (with student I.D.) to come to the Mall for their free Back to
School Gift Pack or contact local schools and see if they will allow you to
distribute them at the school on the first day of classes.


<<Mall Walking - Great program that generates great publicity>>
Not sponsoring a Mall Walking program yet? Follow these links to sample
programs and how to guides for setting up a Mall walking program at your

<<Start a Mall Walkers Program for Senior Citizens>>

Mall Walkers Program at Ford City Mall

Tips for Mall Walkers

Sample Mall Walkers Website


<<WEBSITE TUNE-UP Find Out Who is Linking to Your Website>>
You're heard us say it before. Don't spend a penny promoting your
website until you've made an effort to promote your site for free
on local websites. Chances are that literally hundreds of sites in
your market, including relocation sites, travel and vacation sites,
local business sites all list shopping centers and malls on their
sites along with hours, directions and links to websites.

Here's a quick and simple way to find out who is linking to your website,
and more importantly, who is linking to your COMPETITORS website and not
yours! Go through the list and send an email to any of the websites
that list your competitors and not yours and provide them with your
information. To find out who is linking to you and your competitors
go to:
Need help promoting your website? Know it has to be done but don't
have the time? Want an experienced and knowledgeable company to handle
your link popularity and promotion? Call Steve at ideatron today at
602-405-4669 and we'll take care of everything!



Prime Outlets
Marketing Manager, Barceloneta, Puerto Rico

 If you know what the avid shopper wants and can help deliver enticing,
effective retail sales messages to brand-name clothing lovers, then you'll
have fun promoting our Prime Outlets at Puerto Rico.

This highly visible position coordinates the strategic marketing program for
one of Prime Retail's newest outlet shopping centers. The ideal candidate
will be bilingual, have 3+ years' experience in the areas of budgeting,
sales promotions, event planning, marketing and merchant relations for a
community-driven shopping center. Ad agency, PR, or tourism experience a
plus. College degree or equivalent and CMD are preferred. The benefits/
compensation plan is excellent and includes major medical benefits and a
quick-starting 401k.

Reply noting desired salary and Job Code Web-220 to:
Prime Retail LP
Human Resources
100 East Pratt St., 19th Fl.
Baltimore, MD 21202
FAX: 410-347-7626

Have a unique position you'd like to feature in our next issue?
Are you looking for a new position and want your talents to be featured
here? Send info to:



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