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1. Increase your tour group visitors

2. Get Census demographic info free

3. Getting desperate to lease that one location?

3. Promotion ideas for August

4. Free listings drive traffic to your website

5. Direct Mail Promotions Boost 3rd & 4th Quarter Sales

6. Shopping Center/Mall Career Opportunities


<Attracting Tour Groups through Guerilla Marketing>

At the Fashion Outlets of Las Vegas they go the extra steps towards
encouraging tour and bus operators to visit their center. Besides the
typical brochures, discount coupons, maps and great customer service, the Center
now offers a Frequent Stopper Program for bus and tour operators. Each time tour
operators bring shoppers to Fashion Outlets drivers receive a $10 fit certificate
redeemable at over 100 stores! Certificates are good for lunch, or just about any item or
they can be saved up for a big purchase at a later date. What a great way to encourage
tour operators and drivers to stop at your center! For more info on the program visit


<Still paying for demographic information?>

Are you still paying thousands of dollars for demographic information for reports, leasing
information and brochures? If you just need the basics; population, age, disposable
income etc. then stop paying and start surfing. Help is available free from several little
known sources including the U.S. Census Bureau. Visit these links to find free
demographic information for your planned or current shopping center development.


<Getting Desperate to Lease a tough location?>

Having trouble leasing a spot no matter how hard you try? Consider making the space
a classroom or school overflow space and contacting local colleges, universities,
trade schools and other private or public organizations. They often need additional
classroom space, particularly at key times of the year, and are often thrilled to
add incremental space on a short term basis. Besides, the increased foot traffic can
be a big boost to other tenants and particularly food courts.


<<Promotional Events Calendar for the month of August>>
Our special list of event dates for the month of August to help you
plan special
promotions. Great idea starters.


<<Boost Your Sales With a Direct Mail Promotion for 3rd & 4th Quarters>>

When was the last time your tenants told you your last promotion was

"the single best advertising we've ever done"? At ideatron our direct mail
shopping center promotions are geared to driving increased traffic and boosting
sales. No "fluff" pieces here! There's still time to boost sales for 2002 and plan a
successful promotional calendar. In fact with our "Quick Start" program we can
still have a summer or Labor Day program ready in time! Call Lori Ferber
at Ideatron today and let us show you how we can have your tenants saying...
"my sales increased 35% the week the promotion started... this is great!"
Call Lori Ferber at 602-405-4669.


<Free listings drive traffic to your website>

We have a simple rule of thumb. Before you spend money on promoting your
center you need to take advantage of free promo opportunities. This issue we
focus on the Cox Communications websites and how to make sure you're listed
in their popular web guides. These well planned out online guidesprovide not only
the usual info (center name, address, phone number etc.) but also lists key tenants,
directions and a link to your center website. Visit the links below to verify that
you are listed and either update your information or get listed now!

Access Arizona:

San Diego:
Orange County:

San Francisco:

Las Vegas:


<Career Opportunities:>
Looking for a new opportunity? Know someone who is looking for a position
 with a Shopping Center Developer?

Visit our new free resource page for links to career opportunities with
many of the nation's leading shopping center developers.




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