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You just never know what you’re going to find on ebay. How about a very elaborate Christmas display for a mall or shopping center that is based on the story of Twas The Night Before Christmas is now listed for sale on ebay. The seller says that the original cost was $125,000 to $150,000 but its selling on ebay for…..$5,000. The display is five years old.  Turn your center into a virtual Winter Wonderland, and invite your guests to experience a truly storybook Christmas.  With many mechanized parts bringing a little boy, a little girl, a mouse, a fireplace, and three gigantic storybooks to life, the owner says “this set is guaranteed to wow kids and parents alike.” Of course, you’ve got to have it shipped from Texas and it occupies virtually a full tractor trailer!


Looking for a last minute promotional idea for Back To School?  If you’re not already doing this – shame on you. Chances are you already have more Back to School promotions running than you think. Survey your tenants and ask them for a list of promotions running for Back to School. Book signings, fashion shows, discount events, contest etc. Then, simply print up a one page flyer listing all the events under the banner “Back To School Events At The XYZ Mall”. It’s free to the merchants and takes advantage of the events already taking place.


They drive traffic to your stores. They cost very little to operate. They help attract and retain employees for your tenants. But the truth is most Mall Employee Discount Card programs are poorly run and often neglected. Why? Because, according to a recent survey by Ideatron LLC, most Mall Marketing Directors simply don’t have the time to administer them.  That’s where Ideatron can help. Our new Employee Discount Card Program gets it done – on time with none of your time. We do it all. That includes signing up participating merchants, a series of posters, letters and brochures to explain the program to store managers, printing up discount cards and even providing a website where employees can go for updated offers and listings. So if  you’re ready to “do it right” and get your program humming again, contact us to see how a small investment in next year’s budget will generate great results. Contact Steve Ferber at 602-312-6808 for more information.


Do you know who is helping drive traffic to your Center’s website? How well are you doing getting local websites to link to your Center’s website? Links provide an effective and inexpensive way to increase visitor count to your site. Here’s how to find out what websites include links to your Mall on their website. It’s easy and free to find out and the results may surprise you. Go to In the search box type and then press search. The results will show websites that link to your website. For instance, if your mall website address is You would type: . Hint: if your local visitor and tourist bureau isn’t linking to your site – shame on you!



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